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Container Ship Rates Down


Ocean Freight Reductions


Downward Trend in Shipping Costs by Sea

Ocean fright costs are coming down for departures in May. Typical rates now to either Felixstowe or Southampton are under US$6,000 for a 20ft Container & under US$10,000 for a 40ft container. Shopping around will get better rates.

Container Ship Explodes


Shipping Container Explosion


Container Ship Catches Fire After Explosion

At around 1230 UTC on April 6, a container ship with a capacity of 6570TEU named “CMA CGM RABELAIS” exploded in the west of the Malacca Strait between the Andaman Islands and Banda Aceh on the Sumatra island, followed by a fire.

Shanghai Air & Sea Ports Heavily Restricted.


Shanghai Port Struggles


Shanghai Lockdown Affects All Transport

The Situation in Shanghai has worsened over the past few days, with more stringent measures to try to control the increasing transmission. Only emergency vehicles are allowed to carry out operations and this will impact heavily on container traffic to the ports.

Shanghai Lockdown Will Affect Shipping From The Port


Shanghai Port Shipping Delays


Shanghai Delays Due to COVID Restrictions

Shanghai has been on a 2 stage lockdown since the beginning of April, and this is having a huge affect of the movement of transport in and out of Shanghai. Restrictions are also affecting adjacent cities where much of the containers, using the Shanghai port are coming from. Maersk Shipping has said that these delays will add to shipping costs.

China Shipping Costs To UK Getting Cheaper for 40ft Containers


China Ocean Freight Prices Fluctuating


Shipping Prices Better for 40ft/40HQ

Ocean freight rates from China are fluctuating, with better savings on 40ft/40HQ containers. Costs for a 20ft container have risen this week to typically US$6,500 & for a 40ft/HQ, this has dropped sharply to typically US$11,500 for sailings during the next 2 weeks. Check with your shipping agent for their best rates. Port of Loading & Port of Arrival will have slight differences.

China Shipping Costs To UK Slowly Coming Down


China Sea Freight Prices Reduced


China Shipping Prices Stabilising

Some thankful relief for the time being. Costs for a 20ft container is typically US$6,000 & for a 40ft/HQ in the region of US$12,000 for sailings during the next 2 weeks. Check with your shipping agent for their best rates. Given current Covid restrictions, these prices may not last.

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