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One-Stop Service for All Your China Products & Import Requirements
From Sourcing to Shipping To Your Door


Total Management from Start to Finish

Including Sampling, Order Processing

Quality Control & Shipping to Your Door

Covering All Your China Imports


We product match factories & check their credentials

The Best Factory For Your Products

● Product Factory Matching

● Bona-Fide Factories Only

● Verified Licences

● Product Price Comparison

● Product Experience


We confirm all components & specifications

Your Sample Checked & Approved

● Confirm Components

● Materials & Colours Check

● Sample Quality Control

● Features Check

● Labels Check


Complete screening of the factory & licence checks

Ensure Your Supplier Is Fully Compliant

● Company Registration

● Business Licence Verification

● Export Licence Check

●  Production Line Check

●  Legal Owners


We confirm all product & packaging branding

Your Branded Product & Packaging

● Brand Design

● Brand Colours

● Logo Placement

●  Packaging Design

● Packaging Text & Colours


We arrange & confirm pre production samples

We Oversee Your China Production

● Components Checked

● Pre-Production Samples

● Quality Checked

● Production Line Checks

● Internal Random Checks


Pre production & pre shipment checks

Your Production Quality Controlled

● Pre-Production Checks

● Random Sample Checks

● Pre-Shipment Checks

● Packaging & Packing Checks

● Documents Check


Fully insured direct shipping China to UK

Direct & Insured Shipping to Your Door

● Shipping Quotes Comparison

● Export Documents Preparation

● China Customs Clearance

● UK Forwarding Arranged

● Delivery to Your Door


UK Customs clearance & Import Duty calculation

Your Shipment Customs Cleared

● Appointed UK Forwarder

● Customs Clearance Process

● Import Duty Payments Advised

●  VAT Payments Advised

● Delivery to Your Door

MOIC Client Testimonials

"We have been working with MOIC since the inception of Votch 6 years ago. Being totally new to manufacturing and quality control, Ron and his team have been integral in building the success of our brand and ensuring we are selling a product of the highest quality. Always a pleasure to deal with, quick responses, reliable and always having our best interest at heart, I wholeheartedly recommend MOIC to anyone."



Why Use A China Purchasing Consultant?

Experience, Knowledge & Professionalism

A purchasing consultant has the expertise and knowledge to handle the different aspects of each stage including, sourcing the best factory, supplier evaluation, sampling stages, order processing, quality control, shipping and UK forwarding.

Benefits of Using A Personal Assistant:

● Source the best factory for your order & specifications
● Sample approval before pre-production pilot production
● Contract negotiations ensuring best prices and product warranty
● Components review and confirmation before bulk purchasing
● Quality control inspections before, during & after production
● Export documents preparation & checks
● Shipping arrangements to UK
● UK forwarding, Customs clearance & delivery

Selecting The Best Factory for Your Product

The Importance of Selecting The Correct Supplier & Checking Their Credentials

The first stage importers will have is to source their product and find the best factory to work with. It's not a case of simply finding the cheapest factory. In fact choosing the wrong supplier, or indeed the cheapest supplier without any screening can probably lead to problems during the latter stages of the manufacturing stages..

There are many boxes to tick to ensure the factory is correct for your product, specifications and order quantity and these will include the following:

● Proven product experience
● Verfied licences & certificates
● Approved samples before production
● Ability to brand your product
● Sample & production timelines
● Returns policy & warranty
● Product certification

Language Barriers & Business Culture

The Importance of Dialogue & Communication

When choosing a supplier to work with, one of the most important aspects is communication with your supplier when it comes to your questions and their answers. A lack of English language knowledge on your supplier's part, will inevitably lead to miscommunication including problems during the order and manufacturing and shipping processes.

Understanding foreign business culture can greatly enhance the understanding of the replies you will receive from your supplier contact. Generally, they will tell you what you want to hear and will unlikely admit to any problems on their side. Knowing this, it's important to have 'boots on the ground' that will look after your interests.

● Ensure clear English from each department you're working with
● Make sure there is no miscommunication on sampling and specifications
● Don't rely on verbal contract details, get everything in writing
● Confirm amendments in writing before proceeding
● Approve each stage of the sampling process
● The psyche is very different to that of the west

Costs to Include when Importing

It's Important to Calculate All Costs Associated With Importing Products

Another consideration for new importers is to understand that the landed cost of the product will be much higher than the supplier's cost price. An importer must allow costs which may include the following:

● Sampling fees
● Sample costs and courier fees
● Branded packaging costs
● 3rd party inspection costs
● Certification costs
● Shipping fees
● Import duty & VAT fees
● UK forwarding & delivery costs

Professional Quality Control Inspections

Why You Need A 3rd Party Inspection Company to Check Your Shipments

Quality control is vital for any order that you process and this is also relevant to repeat orders. Having a 3rd party inspection company to check your products at different stages of the manufacturing process is key to receiving your shipment as you expect it. Trying to save money on quality control can be false economy as the defects could result in a whole consignment being faulty.

Inspection checks at different stages of the manufacturing process including the following:

● Sample approval confirmation
● Components review & inspection
● Pre production inspection
● During production inspection
● Pre shipment inspection
● Container loading supervision

The Contract With Your Supplier

The Pro Forma is Generally Your Contract With Your Supplier - Check it!

Generally, suppliers will offer a Pro forma Invoice and this is essentially the contract between you and your supplier. if the order is more complex, a separate contract should be issued. If it's a new product you are giving to a factory to develop and manufacture, than an NNN contract is advisable.

Having all the terms correctly included in the pro forma with your supplier is vital to cover you if there are any issues with quality problems, late deliveries and defective products. Having a professional to oversee and identify any errors or missing information on your supplier's contract can and probably will save you problems in the future as well as money.

● The Pro forma is essentially your contract with your supplier
● Check all details carefully
● Add what you think is needed
● Ensure there is no ambiguity

Direct Door2Door Shipping from China to UK

The Best Way to Ship Your Goods From Your China Factory to Your UK Warehouse

Shipping will be your next highest cost apart from the factory cost price for your product. Understanding the different methods of shipping, variable costs as well as different timelines are all important information to know before choosing which shipping method is best for you with each order.

However, before choosing your shipping method, it's important to ensure all your shipping paperwork is correctly filled and includes all the information required to pass China Customs as well as UK customs. Incorrect paperwork can result in delays, additional costs and perhaps seizure if safety certificates are required for your product.

● Ship by air, sea or train
● Compare quotes & transit times
● Get door2door costs where possible
● Ensure the shipment is insured
● Confirm all documents required are correct

Individual Services for Your China Imports

Why Use MOIC?

We look after the whole process from design, prototype, sampling, tooling, production, quality control & shipping to your door.

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✓ 30 Years

Comprehensive design and manufacturing experience, supplying alternative leather products for global brands for over 30 years.

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✓ One-Stop

A vertical design, sampling and manufacturing  process for your product development through to delivery to your door.

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✓ UK

Senior UK managers looking after you and your project from first initial contact to shipping your products to your warehouse.

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✓ Door2Door

We arrange the whole process from the collection point, including all documentation and delivery to your door.

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UK Office: 0207 0431 311

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