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Pre Production Inspection

Ensure components are correct before mass production starts

● Components Checks

● Materials & Dimensions Tests

● Product Function Tests

● Packaging Tests

During Production Inspection

Product quality & feature checks & production line overview

● Random Function Tests

● Product Quality Tests

● Production Line Checks

● Packaging & Packing Checks

Pre Shipment

Random product checks including packaging, packing & final count

● Random Product Inspection

● Packaging Inspection

● Packing Inspection

● Final Product & Carton Count

Container Loading Inspection

Packing List checks & supervision of carton loading

● Packing Lists Check

● Carton Quantity Check

● Loading Supervision

● Container Locks & Details

Full Production Inspection

Total quality control from production management to shipping

● Total Production Control

● Includes PPI & DPI Inspections

● Includes PSI & CLI Inspections

● Includes RSS

Random Samples Selection

Randomly select samples for full testing & report and send to UK

● Random Sample Picking

● Product Function Test

● Video of Testing

● Full Report & Sent to UK

Pricelist: China Quality Control Inspections

PPI Inspection

Pre Production Checks
£ 199 Per Man Day**
  • Components Check
  • Materials Quality
  • Sample Approved Match
  • Sample Workmanship
  • Sample Function
  • Packaging
  • Production Timeline

DPI Inspection

During Production Checks
£ 199 Per Man Day**
  • Sample Product Match
  • Product Workmanship
  • Product Function Test
  • Product Line Check
  • Packaging Check
  • Packing Check
  • Production Finish Date

PSI Inspection

Pre Shipment Checks
£ 199 Per Man Day**
  • Random Product Quality
  • Random Product Functions
  • Packing Inspection
  • Final Product Count
  • Final Carton Count
  • Full Documents Check
  • Production Finish Date

CLI Inspection

Container Loading
£ 199 Per Man Day**
  • Loading Supervision
  • Carton Count
  • Packing List Check
  • Commercial Invoice Check
  • Container Details
  • Container Lock Seal
  • Full Photos

FPI Inspection

Full Production Checks
£ 199 Per Man Day**
  • Pre Shipment Inspection
  • During Production Inspection
  • Pre Shipment Inspection
  • Random Samples Selection
  • Container Loading Supervision
  • Customer Requirements
  • Shipping & UK Forwarding

RSS Inspection

Random Samples Selection
£ 199 Per Man Day**
  • Random Samples Picking
  • Samples Workmanship Check
  • Samples Function Test
  • Testing Video
  • Production Report
  • Production Timeline
  • Delivery Arranged to UK

** 'Per Man Day' equals an 8 hour working day and does not include traveling time.

Depending on inspection location, travel costs may be added.

The QC Areas We Cover in China

● Guangzhou
● Dongguan
● Shenzhen
● Huizhou
● Foshan
● Zhongshan
● Zhuhai
● Jiangmen
● Jieyang
● Chaozhou

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a range of inspections designed to ensure that each stage of the manufacturing processes are covered. Please see here for the full list.

This will depend on your requirements. If you need any help deciding, please contact us and our inspection team will contact you within 24 hours to discuss which inspection is best.

We have a professional team of inspectors with over 15 years experience.

We have different inspection teams specialising in the following categories: Consumer Electronics, Sports & Fitness, Beauty & Cosmetics & Home & Office.

Generally we will follow AQL standards, but you can advise specific requirements that suits you.

Yes, just let us know what specific tests you require during the  inspection and we will carry them out.

Yes, just contact us let us know what test video is required.

This will be included in the report and also explained to the factory why it’s failed. It is for the customer to discuss with the factory for a solution.

Our inspections are designed to report what our inspectors find. Where faults are found this will be included in the report sent to you. We will also relay the problems found to the factory. 

Depending on the re-test, if a return to the factory is required, this will incur costs.

You’ll receive a summary inspection report within 24 hours and a full report within 48 hours after the inspection. 

This will depend on the location of the factory. Please contact us with the QC inspection address and we will provide the travel costs.

Payment is made after you have instructed us to provide our service. Payment can be made by PayPal or Bank TT.

Yes, please contact us with your product and order details.

Yes, please contact us and we will provide a sample report.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Just contact us  and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your requirements.

Testimonials from MOIC clients

"We have been working with MOIC since the inception of Votch 6 years ago. Being totally new to manufacturing and quality control, Ron and his team have been integral in building the success of our brand and ensuring we are selling a product of the highest quality. Always a pleasure to deal with, quick responses, reliable and always having our best interest at heart, I wholeheartedly recommend MOIC to anyone."



Additional Services for Your China Imports

Why Use MOIC?

We look after the whole process from design, prototype, sampling, tooling, production, quality control & shipping to your door.

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✓ 30 Years

Comprehensive design and manufacturing experience, supplying alternative leather products for global brands for over 30 years.

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✓ One-Stop

A vertical design, sampling and manufacturing  process for your product development through to delivery to your door.

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✓ UK

Senior UK managers looking after you and your project from first initial contact to shipping your products to your warehouse.

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✓ Door2Door

We arrange the whole process from the collection point, including all documentation and delivery to your door.

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Office UK: 0207 0431 311

Skype: myoffice2305


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