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Creating Your

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Vegetarian Leather

Vegan Leathergoods

Professional UK Crafted Designs

International Brand Designers

Our designers create innovative designs and products for the leading international global brands & will create your projects with your vision, product features & vegan leather options.

Designed in UK

Professionally created by our internationally recognised and experienced handbag designers, your vegan product will be designed and crafted with a 'Designed in UK' label, enhancing the reputation and innovative skills and vision of Great British design.

Initial Design Sketches

Your Brief, Our Technical Designer

After receiving your design brief with your required features, our designers start to create your vision via initial sketches to meet with your product specifications.

Detailed Technical Drawings

Amendments & Final Measurements

After you've approved the final sketch designs, out sample technicians create a technical drawing including all dimensions, hardware components and specific product features for your bag, purse or small vegan leathergoods.

Bio-Leather Material Selection

Vegetarian Leather & Vegan Options

Your choice of vegan vegetarian leathers for your eco-friendly sustainable handbag, purse, belt or other vegan leathergoods, including bamboo, apple, pineapple, wood bark, cactus, recycled plastic bottles, natural hemp and more . . .

Pattern Design Making

The Template of Your Product

After the technical drawing stage of your product, our lead sample maker will create a card pattern of each and every panel, including straps, inner pockets and other refinement details that will require to be cut and assembled.

Hand Cut Panels

First Sample Prototype

The final design patterns are transferred to our experienced sample maker, who will cut each panel of your vegan leather product sample by hand to ensure accuracy and precision before the metal template tools are prepared for full-scale production.

Hand Edge Staining

Clean Side Finish

A high quality vegan leather handbag or purse, must have a clean edge finish where each vegan leather seam panels meet. Our hand staining procedures ensure a clean high quality product to enhance your product and brand.

Precision Stitching

Precise & Detailed Machining

Our professional in-house machinists, have vast experience in vegan leather product machining for handbags as well as smaller leathergoods, ensuring a quailty stitched product with accurate and detailed stitches for a superior vegan leather handbag.

Hand Assembly

Crafted Prototype Without Machines

Your hand assembled sustainable vegan leather product is crafted and put together totally by hand without the use of machinery to ensure every panel is a perfect fit for a beautiful end product to be admired.

Detailed Finishing

Attention to Detail

We pride ourselves with our high quality detailed finished products which are the result of precision manufacturing and internal quality control throughout each stage of your eco-friendly handbag production.

Quality Control

Internal Checks & Procedures

From material selection and hardware components through to sampling and full-scale production, we follow a QC process at each stage to ensure a high quality product leaves our production lines.

Final Inspection

Product Finishing

Prior to packing, every aspect of your vegan leather product is carefully checked to ensure that it's ready for packing in an eco-friendly and reusable dust bag and recycled card box for complete protection during storing and shipping.

Wrapping & Packing

Eco Friendly Packaging

Our sustainable credentials do not stop at your vegan leather production. We pack all our products to your requirements and this includes recycled card, bamboo labels, acid free tissue and soy printing.

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Master Carton Packing

Recycled Boxes

The boxes we use for shipping all your products are recycled and we avoid using any plastic in our product packaging to ensure minimal harmful effects to our environment.

Low Carbon Shipping

EcoVadis Rated Company

We use EcoVadis rated shipping companies, which have been assesses by EcoVadis, who are a global sustainability rating company which validates corporate adherence to 21 recognized CSR criteria which follow verifiable international CSR standards (the Global Compact Principles, the International Labour Organization conventions, the Global Reporting Initiative standard, the ISO 2600). Documentation and proof of policies in action are required to support every answer covering Human Rights, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Training, Health and Safety, Environmental reporting, accreditations and initiatives, Ethics, IT security and sustainable procurement, which includes environmental choices such as opting to procure sustainably sourced, recycled materials.

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Your Brand

Your Materials

Your Specifications

Your Vegan Product



• Your designs accepted

• We can design for you

• Tech pack creation

• Sample 3D mock-up

• Prototype & approval



• Component procurement

• Production workflow

• Product assembly

• Quality control

• Packing & shipping

100% Vegetarian Leather
Bags, Purses
& Accessories

Stage by Stage Process of Developing
Your Vegan Bags, Purses & Accessories


Creating  your product ideas, with recycled and sustainable materials with minimal waste.


Your choice of vegetarian vegan leathers and materials including fruit, vegetable and plant based bio leather.

& Zippers

Your choice of recycled hardware and zippers with PVD plating, to your designs, colours & branding.


Your choice of RPET, recycled bottle linings, to your specific colours as well as your logo printed if required.

Soy Plant

Your choice of chemical free, non-toxic, soy printing, with options to print and emboss.


Your box and dustbag designs with choice of recycled card, bamboo, hemp including organic biodegradable materials.

Environmentally Friendly

Why Use MOIC
for Your Vegan Brand?

We look after the whole process from design, prototype, sampling, tooling, production, quality control & shipping to your door.

Conscious Manufacturing

An eco-friendly approach to responsible design and manufacturing, using sustainable materials, keeping waste to a minimum during the development stage,, repurposing and recycling material off-cuts and avoiding the use of animal skins & by-products.

Our principals of sustainable sourcing and transparency throughout the manufacturing process, gives us a unique advantage in conscious manufacturing using alternatives to traditional animal leather, including the latest fruit & vegetable vegetarian leathers which is growing in demand by eco-friendly consumers.

The vegetarian leather & vegan components we use include: bio pineapple leather - bio banana leather - bio apple leather - bio cactus leather - bio bamboo leather - bio paper leather - recycled cotton & water based materials & RPET

Our hardware metal products use recycled metals which are plated using eco friendly processes, avoiding harmful chemicals which impact the environment.

Our Product

Vegan Friendly

MOIC Client Testimonials

"We have been working with MOIC since the inception of Votch 6 years ago. Being totally new to manufacturing and quality control, Ron and his team have been integral in building the success of our brand and ensuring we are selling a product of the highest quality. Always a pleasure to deal with, quick responses, reliable and always having our best interest at heart, I wholeheartedly recommend MOIC to anyone."




Vegan Friendly




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