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Silicone Vegan Friendly Vegetarian Leather

Would You Consider Organic Silicone Instead of Animal Leather?

A Natural Leather Alternative

Organic silicone is a ‘vegan leather’ with zero PVC, zero solvents and zero toxic by-products. It can be used as an alternative to animal leather for the production of bags, purses, wallets and accessories for an animal-free and sustainable product. It’s composed of 100% silicone material on the surface layer, 100% silicone adhesive on the middle layer, and recycled polyester, spandex, and microfiber as the base layer. Silicone is a polymer material, saving energy in it’s production and is pollution-free. With it’s high performance capabilities, it’s a great choice for eco conscious brands looking for alternatives to animal skins and by-products.


Durable & Versatile

The high-performance of organic silicone leather performs well in various environments, including extreme temperatures and is weather & UV resistant, easy to clean and is stain resistant. It’s leather like texture as well as it’s durability and long lasting properties, make it an ideal choice for use in handbags and leathergoods for the growing number of eco-friendly international fashion brands.


Environmental Credentials

Organic silicone leather is PVC free, Polyurethane free & BPA free and contains no allergens. It’s made without the use of plasticisers or phthalates and meets REACH certification standards. It’s an eco-friendly, high performance material, which has a soft luxurious touch and is available with different grain finishes. This is being used by designers and manufacturers for eco conscious brands requiring vegan friendly products.


Next Generation Materials

MOIC continually look for next-generation materials and leather alternatives to work with, and collaborate with innovators, developers and manufacturers in this field for new and latest trends in non-animal sustainable materials. Mushroom leather is the latest trend to be developed and this is currently in the testing stage and will be available soon. 

Fruit And Vegetable Based Leathers

The materials we currently work with include bio materials, as well as recycled paper, apple and pineapple skin, bamboo plant, cornstarch and wheat based maerials, which have a low environmental impact on our planet, as well as a low carbon footprint.

No Animal By-Products

MOIC does not use any animal based products, including leather skins, by-products or derivatives. We also avoid PU materials that include harmful chemicals in the production process.


RPET for Lining, Labels & Tags

The linings we use are manufactured from RPET (Recycled Plastic Bottles) and we use bamboo for out tags and labels. 

Biodegradable Packaging

Our packaging is manufactured from recycled card as well as vegetable pulp, so is biodegradable & compostable.

Printing With Soy Inks

We print our labels & tags with Soy inks, avoiding any harsh chemicals used in normal ink dyes.


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