Vegan Product Development

Using Plant Based Sustainable Leather

Designed in UK

United for a

Sustainable Planet

An eco-friendly approach to conscious manufacturing
avoiding the use of animal skins & by-products

MOIC have over 30 years in product design experience and craftsmanship to create premium products that have as little environmental impact as possible on our planet and believe that quality materials, workmanship, functionality and sustainable design can be produced at reasonable price points.

Our procurement department and manufacturing assembly line, make it easier for brands to quickly source, sample, manufacture & launch new products with our vegan materials which are REACH compliant, including the outer material, lining, labels & tags. All our packaging is biodegradable.

Our principals of sustainable sourcing and transparency throughout the manufacturing process, give us a unique advantage in conscious manufacturing using alternatives to traditional animal leather, including the latest fruit & vegetable vegetarian leathers which is growing in demand by eco-friendly aware consumers.

The vegetarian leather & vegan components we use include: bio pineapple leather - bio banana leather - bio apple leather - bio cactus leather - bio bamboo leather - bio paper leather - recycled cotton & water based materials & RPET

Our hardware metal products use recycled metals which are plated using eco friendly processes, avoiding harmful chemicals which impact the environment.

Vegan Bags & Accessories

We use vegetarian leather & non-animal by products for all parts of the manufacturing of our designs including the outer material, lining, labels, tags & packaging

Vegan Leather Clothing & Accessories

We use vegetarian leather & non-animal by products for all parts of the manufacturing of our designs including the outer material, lining, labels, tags & packaging

Vegan Office Desktop Stationery

We use vegetarian leather & non-animal by products for all parts of the manufacturing of our designs including the outer material, lining, labels, tags & packaging

Vegan Furniture

We use vegetarian leather & non-animal by products for all parts of the manufacturing of our designs including the outer material, lining, labels, tags & packaging


Your Designs


Your Specifications


Your Specifications

Testimonials from customers who use MOIC for their business

"We have been working with MOIC since the inception of Votch 6 years ago. Being totally new to manufacturing and quality control, Ron and his team have been integral in building the success of our brand and ensuring we are selling a product of the highest quality. Always a pleasure to deal with, quick responses, reliable and always having our best interest at heart, I wholeheartedly recommend MOIC to anyone."



Vegetarian Leather

Recycled Vegan Leather

Vegetarian Leather

Natural Organic Materials

Vegan Products - Design & Development Schedule

We Offer Recycled &Vegan Material Options for Your Projects

Understanding all the elements & stages involved in creating your project from design through to manufacturing.

icon deploy 1


  • Product objectives
  • Design features
  • Component list
  • 3D Image design


icon icon build 1


  • Vegan materials
  • Vegan labeling
  • Colour matching
  • Biodegradable packaging

▹▹▹▹ 2 ▹▹▹▹

icon operate 1


  • Component selection
  • Pattern design
  • Logo branding
  • Labeling & packaging

▹▹▹▹ 3 ▹▹▹▹

icon test 1


  • Stress tests
  • Material tests
  • Quality control
  • Component tests

▹▹▹▹ 4 ▹▹▹▹

icon monitor 1


  • Component procurement
  • Assembly & test
  • Sample run
  • Quality control

▹▹▹▹ 5 ▹▹▹▹

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  • Production schedule
  • Product manufacturing
  • Packing & packaging
  • Quality control

▹▹▹▹ 6 ▹▹▹▹

icon release 1

& Launch

  • Batch testing
  • REACH Certification
  • Export documentation
  • Shipping to UK

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Ethics & Transparency

Sustainable & natural fabrics at each stage of the product development


Sustainability is not just about the outer material of a product. We ensure that all the ingredients of your product have natural & vegetarian ingredients with no animal by-products including the glue, dyes & labelling used in the manufacturing of your products. 

We are completely transparent with the materials we use & this is borne from extensive global research of new & innovative materials that come onto the market. We aim to provide you with the latest vegetarian leather, so you know you're product follows the latest trends in vegan and sustainable development.

No Animal By-Products!

  • Outer Material
  • Inner Lining
  • Labels & Tags
  • Print Dyes
  • Packaging
  • Glue

Vegan Product Materials

Recycled, organic & sustainability are at the forefront of our material selection

Recycable & Organic

Sustainable Products

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Materials

  • Recycled plastics
  • RPET
  • Organic materials
  • Fruit & vegetable materials
  • Wheat based materials

Vegan Packaging Materials

Biodegradability is what matters when selecting our box, tray, bag & label selection

Recycled & Compostable

Eco-Friendly Ethos

Biodegradable Packaging Materials

  • Recycled card & paper
  • Biodegradable materials
  • Vegetable pulp trays
  • Natural bamboo
  • Soy ink printing

One-Stop Solution For Your Branded Vegan Products

We design, develop, brand, package, certify & ship your products to your door

From Design to Your Door

Your Product, Your Brand

We Develop Your Vegan Brand

  • Design layout
  • Prototyping
  • Sample approval
  • Testing
  • Pilot production
  • Certification
  • Production & shipping

Eco-friendly Food & Beverage Containers, Cutlery & Straws

Why Use MOIC for Your Vegan Brand?

We look after the whole process from design, prototype, sampling, tooling, production, quality control & shipping to your door.

why use us 30 years experience colour 1aa

✓ 30 Years

Comprehensive design and manufacturing experience, supplying alternative leather products for global brands for over 30 years.

all in one service 1a

✓ One-Stop

A vertical design, sampling and manufacturing  process for your product development through to delivery to your door.

service packages uk assstance support 1

✓ UK

Senior UK managers looking after you and your project from first initial contact to shipping your products to your warehouse.

organic silicone leather eco friendly sustainable material

✓ Next-Gen

We source the latest fruit and vegetable based vegan friendly leather as well as natural & sustainable materials for lining, labels & tags. 

biodegradable compostable fabrics materials

✓ Biodegradable

Eco-friendly packaging materials including recycled paper, fruit and vegetable pulp and plant based biodegradable options. 

eco packaging soy printing 1a

✓ Sustainable

Soy ink printing without chemicals, recycled PVD plated metals for hardware & bamboo for labels for an eco conscious solution to your product.

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UK Office: 0207 0431 311

Skype: myoffice2305


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